2.4 GHz HSMM (high speed multi mode)






with IEEE 802.11 APs



the BitBucket



See QST for December 2004, Pg 21






Don't know what it's all about? See July 2005 QST magazine Pg 35:"IEEE 802.11 Experiments in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley"


Get active on 2.4 GHz in a hurry without breaking the bank. The older slower APs are available for



free and are perfect for Ham HSMM links. Here's a way to try it out for almost nothing.








Here's a D-Link wireless router mounted in a 3 gal plastic pail with a foil reflector.



Power & Ethernet come out the bottom. Screw the lid on for a weatherproof enclosure.





Here's the BitBucket lifted high on the tower with a nylon rope. It also was taped to hold



the proper orientation. Run either 5V or 120 VAC up the tower.








Now for some mobile operation ! All you need is a laptop and a 2.4GHz USB adapter.








Make a quick 'n easy parabolic dish from some flashing aluminum or cover cardboard with



foil. Experiment with spacing and hope for good luck.





Power the laptop from a 12V source and you have a portable link for disaster communications.





Observations: You MUST be able to see the BitBucket from the portable. Distances to 6 miles were possible but there

MUST be a line-of-site totally unobstructed. With better antennas it is possible to bounce off of water-towers.

Several QST articles have been published on the HSMM activity on the 2.4GHZ HamBand and this is a good way to

join the action in your town without breaking the bank.


73 de Ken, K0KS